Joyful Hounds

Here at Joyful Hounds we love what we do, not only because we love your dogs, but also because:

  • We hold a Diploma in Dog Behaviour so it’s second nature for us to look after your dog properly while he’s in our care
  • We build such a fantastic rapport with groups of no more than four on our walks, it’s always going to be fun and interactive walkies  every day
  • We are confident we are doing everything by the book (even though we don’t have to). We are Police Checked, Licensed and Insured.
  • We hope we never have to use this, but our training makes us confident in administering Canine First Aid should the worst ever happen
  • We love your dog as we would love our own.  Which is a lot.

Questions?  Get in touch, we’d love to answer them!